Livermore Net Schedule
Net Schedule

The regularly scheduled on-the-air Nets for Livermore Valley and Eastern Alameda County are listed below. These Nets provide a place to meet others, disseminate news items, and to provide practice sessions for Net operations. Your participation is encouraged and all are invited.

Monday Night

Wednesday Night

Thursday Night

LARK Monday Night Net

Windfarms / 10-10 Net

Newcomer & Tech Net

19:00 Hrs PST/PDT

19:30 Hrs PST/PDT

19:30 Hrs PST/PDT

     147.120 + (100 Hz PL)

28.485 MHz

     147.120 + (100 Hz PL)

or  145.350 - (100 Hz PL)


or  145.350 - (100 Hz PL)




National Traffic System



Daily NCN-1

19:00 on 3.630 CW


Daily NCN-2

21:00 on 3.705 CW





HF Net

08:30 (a.m.) on 7.263 MHz





Each Net has a Net Control Station (NCS), please listen to the instructions given by the radio operator. Also, we encourage others to be the Net Control for the experience and practice - please be tolerant as the NCS may be new, and hopefully may be you sometime as well.

If you would like more information about becoming a Net Control Operator, please contact
Ed Diemer, AE6D.

Newcomer & Tech Net        Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM on the AD6KV repeater
Being on the air is the best way to improve operating skills and to learn about your rig.  You may be curious about how well you sound to others with your new HT or with your new antenna.  You may also be wondering if you really need to transmit at 5 or 50 watts in order to be heard on the local repeater.  It is with the intention of providing an opportunity for LARK members, especially new operators to improve skills, both technically and operating, that we have this informal net.  It is held on Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM on the AD6KV (147.120 MHz) and WA6ODP (145.350 MHz) repeaters.  The net is informal and is open to any ham radio related subject.  We expect that some topics may be more appropriate for a smaller group or taken off-net.
The first meeting of the net was Thursday, November 1, 2013.  All are welcome to check in and participate, or just listen in. Experienced hams are especially welcome to be a technical resource and provide feedback.
Net Manager, Var, KM6TAB

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